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What Should I Do If ICE Shows Up at My House?

Getting detained by ICE is a frightening and intimidating experience, especially if they show up at your house. For such reasons, it’s important for families to know what to do to protect themselves in case ICE shows up at their home. Our Dallas deportation attorneys explain what you can do to protect yourself if ICE shows up at your house.

Can ICE Enter Your Home?

Immigration officials can only enter your home if they have an arrest or search warrant issued by a judge. A warrant of removal does not give ICE officials permission to search your home without your consent. If they do not have a warrant and request to search your home, you have a legal right to decline. 

What You Should Do If ICE Comes to Your House

If ICE shows up at your house, you have rights that can protect you and your loved ones. Below we explain step by step what you should and shouldn’t do if ICE comes knocking at your door.

  • Don’t Open the Door: If ICE shows up at your house, you aren’t legally required to let the immigration agents in unless they have a warrant.
  • Ask Why They Are There: Without opening the door, you can ask them why they are there. If you don’t speak English and you don’t understand them, you have a right to an interpreter.
  • Ask to See a Warrant: If they insist on entering your home, you need to ask them for a warrant. You can have the agents slip the warrant under the door.
  • Don’t Open Without a Warrant: If they don’t have a warrant, you don’t need to open the door. They need to have a search warrant signed by a judge with your address on it. If the paper doesn’t have that information, you aren’t required to open.

Types of ICE Warrants

There are two types of warrants that an ICE official might slip under the door. A search warrant allows ICE to enter the address listed on the warrant and search the areas and items listed. However, if they give you a warrant of removal, ICE is allowed to enter the home if they believe the person listed in the warrant is inside the home. This gives ICE the permission to detain the person listed on the warrant.

What Should I Do If ICE Has a Warrant?

If ICE does have a warrant to detain you, you legally have to let them in. If ICE forces their way into your home, it’s best to remain calm and practice your rights. You have a right to remain silent—this means you don’t have to give ICE your personal information or provide them with fingerprints or signatures. You also have a right to an attorney, so it’s vital to have an experienced attorney on your side if you’re detained.

If you or your loved one were detained by ICE, contact our deportation attorneys as quickly as possible: (214) 516-7776!


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